Workers all across the country are stressed, depressed and burned out. The operational methods and policies of many corporations are an impediment to employee health, and consequently, employee retention. Morale is low and turnover rates are high. Significant change is needed.

The Curiosity Based Management Program aims to provide a safe work environment that is healthier for employees and provides some life/work balance. It’s proven that when employees are happy and healthy, they are more productive, which ultimately has a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

We use evidence-based practices and opt-in secular meditation to complement the internal policies and surveys. Over a 6-month period you’ll learn how to lead with compassion; rid the workplace of toxic behavior; eradicate gossip; control device addiction and expunge many other behaviors that have a negative effect on the workplace environment.

What to expect after you commit to The Curiosity Based Management Program:

  • We collect baseline data using our surveys to assess company culture
  • Supply our Policies & Procedures Guide that includes: Daily Mindful Check-ins, Device Addiction Policy, Burnout Awareness Policy, and much more.
  • Allow access to our secular meditation program

During the 6-month pilot program we’ll mentor company leadership on how to embed our policies and procedures into your company DNA. Periodically, we’ll check in to assess progress, discuss challenges and help you make the necessary adjustments. At the end of 6 months, we’ll conduct a follow-up employee survey to see how the program impacted the company.